Dolores Sampol. Llum d'oli

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Dolores Sompol (Palma, 1954) is o of the artists with the most creative horizons open to her. Thanks to her it Uquisitive mind, ortistic prowess and rare instinct, she is on artist who actively seeks challenges: pictorial and con. ceptuol ones and the challenge of getting to grips with specific space, always from a creative perspective.  Many years hove posted since Sampol first found her metier in artistic creation, something ot which she excels, cop-turing the very soul of images ond spaces. Her work is elegont, calm, sensitive and lacking in any frills, based on equal measures of reoson and sentiment in a quest for beauty. She takes o keen interest in her work, reflecting on and becoming absorbed by it. She is quick to come up with ideas and skilful al bringing them to life. In each work of ort that she produces, it is clear that she loves what she does. When o work of art needs to break beyond the bound. aries of its pictoriol limits, it overflows everywhere. In such cases, any asphyxiating outlines are blurred, allowing the work of ort ond background space to become one.

It hos been o major challenge to intervene in o space with so much soul, calling for o very clear mind. The weight of history makes itself felt, even more to in a tribute to o specific living piece of architecture. There ore simple spaces and more complex ones. Sompol hos token up the gauntlet, giving the space a lighter feel until it offered itself up to the creative act.  Slum d'oli is the outcome of a creative process bosed on research and unfettered reasoned execution. The artist revels in knowledge, in this case exploring the world of olive oil ond stories ossocioted with this natural offering, immersing herself in a field unfamiliar to her. In on act of generosity, she enlightens us in the Cosal Solleric's Deposit, arousing our curiosity ond our emotions.

Through the artist, we hear the olives being pressed, as if a heart were being squeezed or a space with a soul being sooked, drowing us even closer to the act of creation. She invites us to a discourse whose meoning she hos changed: oil that loses its intensity and becomes even more golden when pressed; gloss bottles and jars like placentas, it stinciively protecting what is most nurtured; wooden sticks massacred by the passing of time, floating erect in space; noture's abstract rug bearing the reoson for its existence; and light...always light bathing the Mediterranean. Through all this, a space humming with history sees its soul restored. Dolores Sampol hos mastered the art of how to listen and she bears witness to this with images created ad hoc, where realism and noture commune, as if there could be no other way. Ecch drawing demonstrates her acknowledged skill at drawing and, on the other, her firm command of the process and respect when faced with those blank areas of the page that often torment artists unsure of when to stop. Her measure of this is perfect.

Dolores Sampol masters the creative challenge, demonstrating how an age-old tradition can take on a whole new dimension in the conceptual mirror. Only she is skilled enough to elicit the emotions thot we succumb to in the plea. sure of her work. She reopens a realm to us, recaptured through its very essence: oil, that gold concoction. And even though we all value ',that the lend humbly gives us, through Lim d'oli.

Palma, September 2017


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