Luis González Ansorena
Not for whoever is positively befooled by the trivial shouting of post-modernity nor for whoever is in a hurry or understands art as a “Sunday entertainment”. All art, true art, reveals while it hides something, for, as Goethe said, in art we always find mystery.

Biel Mesquida
When I think of Dolores Sampolís paintings, when I want to write about the works on exhibit by this artist of the delicate, two essential and unique characteristics that run through them come to mind: absolute freedom in their pictorial pursuit, on the one hand, and a high capacity for risk taking to reveal the emergence of objects, situations and multiple meanings, on the other.

Aurelio Torrente
The work of Dolores Sampol reveals the mastery of an artist who in her extensive work in restoration came to know in depth the work of the great masters of the past. Hence the weighty, rhythmic movement in which she expresses thought and sentiment, as an extremely skilful architect who might take certain structures, as strong as elastic, to their limits of resistance. Wood and the other elements of “collage” are not meaningless; they constitute an almost crystalline structure of the coloristic and geometric masses.

Biel Mesquida
He who writes is a militant against illiteracy. And a never-ending number of quasi-painters and shoddy daubers from this last decade are illiterate militants: they don’t know how to read or write. They are ignorant of the fact that they have no artistry, or mastery of their trade and continue polluting our eyes with damaging, non-biodegradable plastic garbage whenever they put their hand to anything.

Maria Antonia Castro
There are a series of divergent factors in the work of Dolores Sampol which are juxtaposed as to create a strange balance of tensions.  Of these factors perhaps the one which turns out to be more superficially obvious, whilst at the same time carries a major risk, is that of beauty.

Aurelio Torrente
Miró said to the people of Mallorca: "You lose your dignity and for having lost it, all these barbarities occur, those horrendous hotels, those apartment blocks and housing developments that have destroyed the landscape". And he added, in conversations with Georges Raillard, "... it's the land, the land. Something stronger than I".

Angel Terron
In the Mediterranean area, every cave has its own myth; many stalactites take human shapes encased in true darkness. They are like firefly that, in the freshness of summer solstice days, will be appearance and representation of life for the child with divine curiosity: its articulated forms conceal in the body the secret of vast geometries and its light irradiates the intimacy of electrons and energy.

Bel Font
Dolores Sompol (Palma, 1954) is o of the artists with the most creative horizons open to her. Thanks to her it Uquisitive mind, ortistic prowess and rare instinct, she is on artist who actively seeks challenges: pictorial and con. ceptuol ones and the challenge of getting to grips with specific space, always from a creative perspective.  Many years hove posted since Sampol first found her metier in artistic creation, something ot which she excels, cop-turing the very soul of images ond spaces. Her work is elegont, calm, sensitive and lacking in any frills, based on equal measures of reoson and sentiment in a quest for beauty.