Aurelio Torrente

aurelio-torrente-02Miró said to the people of Mallorca: "You lose your dignity and for having lost it, all these barbarities occur, those horrendous hotels, those apartment blocks and housing developments that have destroyed the landscape". And he added, in conversations with Georges Raillard, "... it's the land, the land. Something stronger than I".

Today, it appears that man administers nature using anti-natural attitudes, guided by an impulse to exhaustively harvest, even though this may lead to a serious imbalance in what is needed to sustain the planet earth. The voracity of opulent societies, perhaps somewhat fearful of the hungry hordes of their same species, are losing the instinct inherent to other animals of not spoiling the space in which they live. Over-exploitation of land whith fictitious crops outside the natural cicles in order to produce enormous amounts of food produce to satisfy a pathological gluttony. Cruel bestiality with the poor animals, submitted to fattening and reproductive processes generating meat poisoned by desperation. In short, destruction of natural landscapes due to a speculation which creates buildings condemned to rapid deterioration. Ruin and detritus.... And almost all irreversible.

María Zambrano expresses her nostalgia for the land. "Nostalgia for the very present, for that which never fails uso The land has simply become material, it has stopped being a sustenance for everything, to beco m e somethig abstract, distant; to become a great disappointment; something material. But man is present, he lives on the land.... he ignores it, he want to forget this inexorable condition of his existen ce: that of being on the land in connection whith a sensitive world, which he cannot evade".

Mallorca, 1999





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